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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Knitted Heart

Hi guys,

For my Birthday my Best Friend got me a gift voucher for my local wool shop. So I went yesterday to see what I could get up to. I have 2 patterns I have that I would love to have a go at so I took these with me and I managed to get all the wool and new needles with change………………….so my voucher as been up dated for the next visit.

The first project was called shaker hearts from The Art of Knitting issues. It as taken me a day and half to do but I am so proud that I kept going when things did not go well.

So here are the pictures:


The wool I used was Sirdar Calico DK in purple, blue and white.


The purple side above.


The blue side.


There was going to be a ribbon so it could be hung up but I didn’t quite get this bit right and it ended up on the inside…………….I hope you are not laughing too hard about this. I think I have got that bit sorted for the next one.

I hope you like and I need to go read up on the intarsia method so watch this space……….for the next laugh really LOL.

Luv Jane XX

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