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Sunday, 27 March 2011


Hi guys,

I was a bit busy last weekend with doing the garden. I have planted loads of seeds and a few bulbs. Here are the pictures of my hard work….


The above picture is of my rhubarb which is already growing and the little thing at the left hand side is one of the bulbs that I have planted. I can’t wait for the rhubarb crumbles…….hmmmmmmmmm………….


I planted these 2 pansies last year and they survived the snow and are still flowering. I love them as they are my favourite colour..Purple.


The pot on the wall is my attempt at growing herbs. The green plants at the bottom are my bluebells which I love  and the lavender in front of the cellar gate.


I did all the digging myself with a little fork and added the compost. I am proud of my efforts and hopefully I will be able to do a picture in a couple of months showing all the pretty flowers. I am very new to gardening so fingers crossed.

Does anyone want to kiss my hand better I got a blister with all the hard work?????

Luv Jane XX

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