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Dingus Designs is basically me and now my husband and our love for crafts. I love to cross stitch, making cards, patchment, crochet and knitting and trying to teach myself to tat. The other half loves glass work and tapestry. Can not forget to introduce the little helpers we have Smudge, Dixie and Jingles the cats that own us.

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012



Hi guys,

I have a question for you. When I am at work I just want to craft, craft and more craft but when I get home I lose the mojo. Do you have this problem????

Well the tatting as been put down as I have had a major paddy with it……I am now crocheting a doily yes you read right a doily…….My good friend Tina give me a table cloth of crochet and it completely fascinates me with all the work that went into it and how was it constructed. I found this book on Amazon….


I have only had it a week and look at the state of it. It as been doing a lot of traveling in my new ruck sack. So the same night I had to try it out…..


This is how far I have got so far…….I have used I size 5 crochet thread that I got from the Wool Shop in Leeds. The crochet hook is 2mm……took a lot of swearing to get use to this size hook.


At the moment I am doing a ring of these flowers and joining as I go along………….this is very new to me……..


I am really enjoying doing this doily………………….I will have to show you the massive bargain I got from the lovely Sue at the Wool Shop last Saturday…..I love the fact this place is just around 3 corners from my house……Duncan may not be happy about it but I LOVE IT!!!!!

Have I impressed you yet?????

Luv Jane XX

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Must try Harder!!!!!


Hi guys,

Well I have been working so hard this afternoon with the new slippers and my shuttle tatting homework……which is going wrong….


Tina give me a little project to do…which was a bookmark by Carol Lepard. The first go is above and I did not do enough double stitches on the last ring and I closed it before I realized what I had done……..I did try to undo the ring but it would not work………..so I thought I would just start again………I have been working on the second attempt and I have just looked at it and I have now forgot one ring in the middle……completely forgot it…….bugger!!!!! The mistake below…..


I have to say that I am more happy with this effort as it does looks tidier than the first…………so in the morning I am at the gym and then I have a few jobs around the house and then I AM going to master this bookmark……..I was in Leeds market this morning and I saw these……


I nearly broke my neck getting these to the cashier on the stall. I have never seen crochet threads this fine on the market……may have to take another visit there later on this month………. They are Lesur Pixie in 20.


So hopefully tomorrow I will have a better tatting day………this is my first Shuttle tatting project I have ever done…………must try harder!!!!!

Luv Jane XX

Knitted and crocheted slippers


Hi guys,

Well I did send Duncan back to the Wool Shop to get me some more of that yummy James C Brett Marble Chunky wool……well I did go with him for a nosey……..and this is what we brought back with us….


MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! In my last post I mentioned that with the last ball of wool came a pattern by Sue Golthorpe who happens to run the Wool Shop with her other half Jon…………This is what I managed to make…….


Without the flowers. I decided to make the flowers with a 5.5mm crochet hook.


I think they are cool………….I have never made anything like this before and I think I have made a good effort…….wonder what Sue will think of them.


The Wool Shop to see what other lovely stuff they have. Best thing for me is that it is just around the corner from me and if I get stuck I can always go around for help.



Well I hope you like.

Luv Jane XX

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Another Tea cosy


Hi guys,

Well my project today was knitting a tea cosy for my Mummy. Mummy is my best friend’s mum and I have called her Mummy for years. So I sent Duncan to the wool shop yesterday as I was having a tatting lesson in Barnsley with my mate Tina……he got me some more James C Brett Marble Chunky. Once again I have used the pattern from the Simply Knitting magazine. The designer is called Kirstie McLeod.


I am getting to really like this wool. This wool came with a pattern which I am going to have to try next………..when I send Duncan to the shop again for more wool……hehehehe.


For the cord I used my crochet hook instead of twisting it as in the mag.

I think I am going to use the left over wool from this ball to make flowers for my tea cosy….

See ya soon

Jane XX

Birthday cake.


Hi guys,

Well I have tried to make a Birthday cake:



What do you think?

Luv Jane XX

P.S. I have been given shuttle tatting homework so watch this space…

Thursday, 10 May 2012

New project!


Hi guys,

You will be sooooooo proud of me as I have finished drooling over some wool that I got for my Birthday…….yes from February.

I have used the James C Brett Marble Chunky……in purples  and I have made a tea cosy…….just like the orange prototype I made.


Remember this???????

Well here is my purple one……….



I just need to make some flowers for the top but could not wait before posting this.

Hope you like and thanks for popping in!

Luv Jane XX

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