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Dingus Designs is basically me and now my husband and our love for crafts. I love to cross stitch, making cards, patchment, crochet and knitting and trying to teach myself to tat. The other half loves glass work and tapestry. Can not forget to introduce the little helpers we have Smudge, Dixie and Jingles the cats that own us.

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Sunday, 11 November 2012



Hi guys,

It as been 4 weeks since the last blog…..in this time I have sat an exam and PASSED!!!!! Yippeeeeeee!!!!!! I have managed some crafting if not a lot.


I did a card for a friends Aunty and the rules I was given was please include blue, cute girl and bling………….I think I covered this and the feed back I got was really good.

The inside of the card……


Nice and simple…….

I know I have mentioned the studying I have had to do well I do have to say a THANK YOU to the little helpers that helped when I was trying to study………..


It was a battle to get my study done…..LOL. So THANKS to Smudge and Dixie.

I have tried to do some tatting but not a lot but I have think I have mastered the art of onion rings………..yes Onion rings………


My first one.


I think I am getting  tidier with my tatting but need loads more practice !!!!!!!!!

In this time I had to make a card for the Father in Law and this is what I made him.


Yes another owl card for him.

Well I think that is all…………oh no one more thing I have lost another 4lbs since the last post……so altogether I have lost 21lbs and my shape is starting to change but I think I will put a new picture up after the next 4 weeks so you can see the changes for yourself.

Take care

Luv Jane XX

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Some tatting

I have managed to do some tatting in between reading the Game of Thrones series by George Martin. Last week I started back at college to finally finish my AAT. We have been still going to our training with Richard at the gym.  I was the dreaded weigh in today. So with block of sessions Oberlin with I have lost a further 5lbs and Duncan as lost a further 8lbs. In total I have lost 17lbs and Duncan as lost 33lbs.  The best bit for me is that I have gone from a size 18/20 in jeans to a size 16/18. Well chuffed with this. Some bad news I'd that the sessions are going to get harder if that is possible.
Right let's see if this works and I have added pictures of the 2 hearts I have tatted.

Will have play more with my new phone to get it right.

Need to go do my homework like a good girl.

Luv Jane xxx

Having a little play

Hi guys,

Got a new toy today. I should have an update very soon with little bit of crafting I have done. Also an update on the training. Talk very soon
Luv Jane x x

Monday, 27 August 2012

I have been doing a bit of crafting!!!


Hi guys,

I know before you say anything I have been quieted this last few weeks! Sorry!!!!!!!!

I have been working hard on my tatting…….well at least trying:


The white flower on the right is the needle tatting I did which you can see Here. The one on the left is shuttle tatting with 2 colours. I thought this would be good practice on the joins of rings to chains……the gaps are getting smaller with time.


Sorry I have not tidied all the thread ends. So I thought the next thing for me to try is the medallion I did with the needle. You can see the original post Here.

So with the shuttle I have managed to do this:


Not too bad I think…..What do you think?

I have also made some cards as it was Duncan Birthday on the 13th of August.


A card form the cats


He would sulk if he didn’t get a card from the cats.


Card from Dad.


The last card from me.


I had to use the Dragon stamps I have. Got to say that I am really struggling to make cards at the moment. Seem more into crochet, knitting or trying to tat.

So I have been doing some crafting if not blogging…..which is terrible of me.

See you soon.

Luv Jane XX

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Shuttle tatting with 2 colours


Hi guys,

Well I have done it!! Not mastered it but done it. I think I only swore 4 times as well………..good for me!


I have also managed to hide the ends………..this takes me ages and this is the swearing bit of the tatting for me…


I am using thread that I was given by the lovely Sue at the Wool Shop.


I think my joins are getting better.

I managed to drag Duncan to the wool shop this morning for some more wool for a couple of ideas I have….so watch this space.

Luv Jane XX

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Needle tatting to Shuttle tatting


Hi guys,

Well I have tried needle tatting in the past but I have always wanted to master the shuttle tatting…….so the shuttle was picked once again……

Here is the needle tatted flower.


I think I used size 10 thread. The original post is Here if you want a quick look.

So the shuttle is back in the hand and here is what I have done with the pattern above.


Now the thread I am not sure about the size beside it is thinner. The thread I have used is the bargain I got from the wool shop a while ago.

A closer look I think.


I am happier with the joins but I need a lot more practice. I am going to be brave and try 2 colours with this pattern…….could be some swearing about to happen with this……watch this space!


Before I forget…..HAPPY YORKSHIRE DAY!!!!!!!!!

Luv Jane XX

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A card for Vicki


Hi guys,

Well I finally made a card for a friend at work. It as been a long time since I made a card really…….been so into my cross stitch……trying to shuttle tat…….and my crochet.

Here is the card I made:


The front I have used the stamp from Wild Rose Studio – Fergus with cupcake. I have used my water colours. Nesties of course. I have used papers from Kate Knight Spring Fling collection. I have also used one of my tatted butterflies.


The image on the inside is another image from the Wild Rose Studio – Fergus Wishing also used water colours. I have used a Happy Birthday stamp from Docrafts which I have had for years. I have used some card candy and of course the ever present nesties.


I have to say I do love Fergus.

Thanks for looking and do leave a message so I can come and see you.

Luv Jane XX

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Crocheted bag


Hi guys,

Well the bag I was making for my trip to the theatre is a little bit bigger then I thought it was going to be……….


It is too big but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just need someone to give me  a lesson on how to line it and then it will be completely done.


Smudge found it very quickly and give me a dirty look when I moved it as he was using it as a pillow. I am trying to type this at the moment with him laid out in front of the PC.

Hope you like.

Luv Jane XX

Sunday, 22 July 2012

8 Weeks


Hi guys,

Well we have been training with a personal trainer for 8 weeks now and it was weigh in this morning. So I have lost another 5lbs and Duncan as lost another 10lbs. So over the 8 weeks I lost 10lbs and Duncan as lost 22lbs. We are so pleased with this and have signed up for another 4 weeks of pain.



This is a picture of when we went to Dambuster land earlier in the year.

Done housework so need to get some crafting done.

Luv Jane XX

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Yummy Wool!


Hi guys,

Well I managed to drag Duncan to the wool shop for some yummy wool. He is taking me out for our 1st Anniversary next month and I wanted to crochet a little bag for the night………….we are going to the theatre…….


It called Wendy Pampas Super chunky. It is really soft and I need to do my drooling before I make anything with it. I have also had to hide the wool from Smudge who was straight onto the guard duty with it.


Do you think he is comfy?


I think the look means this is mine!

Well I could not get to my desk really today with Smudge on the desk and the new addition on my chair. So I had to make other plans and this is what I did.


I had to move some crafting to my bed.


My new cross stitch project.


It is a good thing we can craft in any place. Yes 2 pencils as sometimes the cats try to help so it is 1 pencil for me and 1 for them………

Well I need to get some more stitching done.

See ya soon

Luv Jane XX

Feeling Brave!

Hi guys,
Well I am feeling a bit brave today and I  am going to show you pictures of me and Duncan at week 1 of training with the personal trainer, Richard to week 7 which we completed this morning.
I will go first
Jane week 1 side                    From week 1 to week 7
Week 1                             Week 7

Jane week 1              Jane week 7
Week 1                          Week 7
Still a long way to go but going in the right direction
Duncan week 1 side                 Duncan side week 7
Week 1                         Week 7
Duncan week 1             Duncan week 7
The side pictures really show the differences. Well next Sunday morning is the 8 week weigh in. So fingers crossed.
See ya soon
Luv Jane XX

Tuesday, 26 June 2012



Hi guys,

At last I have finished the clown cross stitch………YIIIPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!




I do like the dog.


I am glad I have finished! what should I do next??????


Luv Jane XX

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Father’s day cards


Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay in posting this. Not spent much time on the internet or computer. These are the cards for the Fathers Day.

For the Father in Law:


Something a bit different. I have used my new Honeysuckle Vine from Memory box…….I love this one!


Opened right out showing the new die set I have from Spellbinders – Floral Doily Accent. Also used candy and buttons from the stash.


A nice little cross stitch in the middle. The cross stitch pattern is from one of the many mags I get. I have used allsorts on this card. Father in Law loved it as it as his favorite owls on it. The card and papers are from the crop box.


This is Duncan’s card from Jennifer and the cats.

My first attempt at a double fold card for tags.


Duncan loves Dragons so I have used the Wild Rose Studio Fergus with Teddy. Instead of using my promarkers I have used my water colours which I have not used in ages………… I think I need to play with these a little bit more.


The 2 little tags I have made.


Duncan loved his card as well!


I crocheted a little owl for the father in law as I did not know how long it would take me to knit the owl for him. I got this pattern for the Art of Crochet mag that I get.


I thought I would show you a picture of my little helper helping me a lot…….NOT. Smudge does look like he is comfortable doesn’t he?????

Well we have just completed our 4th week with a personal trainer and Duncan as lost a massive 12lb and I have lost 5lb. I was a bit gutted with my loss but it was pointed out to me that I have never trainer like this before and I have found muscles that I did not know I had more like use. I have lines appearing around the muscles like my biceps and calves. So we have signed up for another 4 weeks and we have been told it is going to get harder. I will keep you updated and here is to the pain that is coming our way……LOL!!!!!


Right I need to get off the computer and get to work on the cross stitch I am doing………Remember this??????


Well I am on to the back stitching…….yes I remember saying I wanted to finished this before I got married and yes I have been married 10 months now…….I know I am terrible!!!!!!!!!

See you soon and leave a comment so I can come to visit you.

Luv Jane XX

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