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Saturday, 2 June 2012

My Bargain


Hi guys,

On Wednesday me and Duncan had our first session with a personal trainer at the gym we have joined………I have never settled in a gym and always give up after a few weeks………….So this time we joined together but I did not know what to do really to get rid of all this fat I have. So we have the lovely Richard who is going to push us to the limits and show us how to use the machines correctly. So we did the legs on Wednesday night……..pain for the next 2 days with the second session on Friday night which was to work on the shoulders……….I am feeling it at this moment with just typing this post……I managed to do my weeding……with  a lot of groaning……….Duncan is suffering as well. It does not finish there as tomorrow morning we will be doing the third session on the back and chest. The best bit is then we have 2 days off and start all over again on Wednesday. I am enjoying it but it is very hard work. Will keep you posted on this as we go along and in the future I may be able to show you the before and after pictures.

Anyhow back to the bargain I was telling you about………………..Well Sue at the Wool Shop saw some of my work and told me of some goodies she had that I may be interested in……..so I had to go and look……yes dragging Duncan with me.


Would I be interested in the above and could I say no?????? NO so she give me these and the below I got for 50p each……


Duncan paid for these for me…….YES I am Spoilt!!!!!!!!

This afternoon after I finished my garden I took my newly delivered Craftseller mag and saw knitted wristband……so I had to have a go and this is what I have done……


I did get into such a tangle with the colours so I had to do a bit of looking for how to do this and I managed to do it……………I have made a few mistakes which I can see……can you??


I think I will have to wear these tomorrow to the gym.

What do you think?

Luv Jane XX

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