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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Belated Birthday weekend

Hi guys,

I have just had the most amazing weekend! Jennifer was in respite this weekend so my friend Tina organized the brilliant weekend. It was going to happen in March but the respite people cancelled on us at the last minute and we had to put plans on hold. It was worth the wait. It was suppose to start on the Saturday morning but was brought forward to late Friday night. I had to watch the Rhinos win on Sky first. So we were picked up and we filled the boot up with all our gear…………I know we were only going for the weekend but it did look like we were moving in………..So the early next morning we went to the shopping outlet at Castleford. I got a few things like a new mug for work as someone chipped mine…….a good excuse for a bigger cup…..I love my cups of tea. We went back to Tina’s and it was the start of the making of the food…….Tina always makes us meals for our Birthdays and the theme for this was the 70’s as I born in 75. The starters were the below……….mmmmmmmmmmm


Everything is homemade from scratch………..

Then it was the ever popular prawn cocktails……….done a little bit different.


This was brilliant and we all had stories about the prawn cocktail.

Then it was onto the main meal which was something completely new to me……..the cheese fondue…….. lovely. Then to top everything off it was the Black Forest Gateaux…………I have always loved this desert……Tina made the below….


Yes it was MASSIVE!!!!!


This was to die for……….


Well we could not eat another thing after this at all……so we did not manage to get to the cheese board for the second time…………..but we did manage one more thing before we all exploded with all the gorgeous food…….an Irish coffee which was another first for me.   HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

The best thing is that I get to help in the kitchen and I get to learn all about this beautiful food.

So what did we do on the Sunday????????? 

We were taken along Snake Pass to Dam Busters land……. Peak District.

First we stopped at Torside……..


This is from the car park.

Now do not be scared of the next 2 pictures


A picture of Duncan (Dingusdee)


This is the very scary picture of me. The views were amazing.


The boat house

Then it was onto the reservoirs where the Dam Busters did the practicing and the views here were amazing and we got to see in the Museum where we learned loads.


The first tower is where the museum is.


This is the view from the Museum.


The other dam. You may be asking where all the pictures come from…..I am one of those people that takes the camera and then remembers it when taking the thing out of the bag after the day out…….taking all on no pictures……so this time I took loads and I am so glad……..I still hate having my picture taken.

These pictures are just outside of Glossop.



Also the amount of crafting me and Tina did?????? None!

A brilliant weekend!!!!!!!


Luv Jane XX

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