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Dingus Designs is basically me and now my husband and our love for crafts. I love to cross stitch, making cards, patchment, crochet and knitting and trying to teach myself to tat. The other half loves glass work and tapestry. Can not forget to introduce the little helpers we have Smudge, Dixie and Jingles the cats that own us.

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Sunday, 11 December 2011

My Craft Room


Hi guys,

I thought I would let you into my little craft room. It is right up in the roof of the house or know as the Attic……..when I was a child it was my toyroom……….my sister was such a softy and it was either too warm in the summer or too cold in the winter. The thing that helped me was that the room next door to the toyroom was my bedroom so I got use to the heat or the lack of it in winter.


This is the main idea for me as this is the working bit…….The dark space to the left is the door to my bedroom. I have to say this is tidy as I thought with taking pictures it should be. I am still trying to sort my room out………I think this is always going to be a working progress.


I do most of my work under the skylight. To the right you can see THE CROP BOX!!!!!!!!! As you can see I have a bit more to with the tidying and sorting. Under the desk is loads of boxes full of more crafting stuff. My fav bit of the room is………………


My captain's chair…………I have had this for 7 years and I love it. The thing behind it was my arm chair but this was taken by Duncan for his gaming……….his station is below and my crafting stuff as been slowly been moved.


Yes at one point this was covered in crafting stuff!!! A lot as been moved to the below and I do have to sort this badly.


The flowers were left over from the wedding and the cupboards are full of crafting mags and stuff.

I hope you liked the little journey around my crafting room.

Luv Jane XX

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