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Dingus Designs is basically me and now my husband and our love for crafts. I love to cross stitch, making cards, patchment, crochet and knitting and trying to teach myself to tat. The other half loves glass work and tapestry. Can not forget to introduce the little helpers we have Smudge, Dixie and Jingles the cats that own us.

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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Wool glorious Wool!!

Hi guys,

The other half took me to the local Wool shop which is about 3 corners away from the house……very dangerous. Last year I took knitting lessons with them so I am well known and when I pick wools they always find me something better and at a better price. When I made the 3d butterflies in the white and purple colours I wanted more colours to do more. I still had some of the voucher left from my Birthday……..this worked and I came out with loads of wool.


These are Sirdar Double Knit Summer Colours and Calico double knit. LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!


The one on the left is Magi-Knit Baby DK and the other 3 are Dollymix DK. I got these because I have seen an ace You Tube video for cupcakes and I want to give these a go. I also got the below for my new interest of tatting.


Crochet threads.

So what have I done so far with these beautiful wools besides drooling and stroking them…….


More 3d Butterflies. The bottom is for Duncan before he moans I never make him anything. The others are for my mates at work. I have had a week off but not gone anywhere so I have made them something instead of the sweets.


Well I hope you like.

Luv Jane XX

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