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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Knitting Lessons

Hi Guys,

Yes you have read correctly I have been having knitting lessons. I remember when I was small and my Grandma teaching me to knit and purl. I made scarves for my dolls but that was about it. I thought that Jennifer may want to learn to knit and who would teach her..............I don't think my Mum would bother who struggles to see her. So I have a wool shop just round the corner and they were giving lessons so I joined up. The first projects we made were mobile phone covers........so here are my efforts......

 This first cover is done in garter stitch which is all knit rows.

This second cover started in garter stitch and the middle done in stocking stitch......knit one row then purl one row. Do this until you have the length you need and then finish in garter stitch.
I have to admit that this third cover is my favourite and is in use and if you look very closely at the top you can just see my mobile.                                                                       

The best bit was learning to stitch the pieces up and making them look proper. I have to admit I am really proud of these mobile covers............I now have to make more for people who like them.......................Should keep me quiet for  a while.

I hope you like these and thanks for looking.

Luv Jane XX
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