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Dingus Designs is basically me and now my husband and our love for crafts. I love to cross stitch, making cards, patchment, crochet and knitting and trying to teach myself to tat. The other half loves glass work and tapestry. Can not forget to introduce the little helpers we have Smudge, Dixie and Jingles the cats that own us.

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Sunday, 11 November 2012



Hi guys,

It as been 4 weeks since the last blog…..in this time I have sat an exam and PASSED!!!!! Yippeeeeeee!!!!!! I have managed some crafting if not a lot.


I did a card for a friends Aunty and the rules I was given was please include blue, cute girl and bling………….I think I covered this and the feed back I got was really good.

The inside of the card……


Nice and simple…….

I know I have mentioned the studying I have had to do well I do have to say a THANK YOU to the little helpers that helped when I was trying to study………..


It was a battle to get my study done…..LOL. So THANKS to Smudge and Dixie.

I have tried to do some tatting but not a lot but I have think I have mastered the art of onion rings………..yes Onion rings………


My first one.


I think I am getting  tidier with my tatting but need loads more practice !!!!!!!!!

In this time I had to make a card for the Father in Law and this is what I made him.


Yes another owl card for him.

Well I think that is all…………oh no one more thing I have lost another 4lbs since the last post……so altogether I have lost 21lbs and my shape is starting to change but I think I will put a new picture up after the next 4 weeks so you can see the changes for yourself.

Take care

Luv Jane XX

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